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#1 2007-04-26 08:55:50

New Member

Who makes the best lovers?

Found this online;

Here's the original link: … 504AAJZoEU

quite interesting...


Aries March 21 - April 20
ARIES MAN - alpha male (Star Arians: Daniel Day Lewis, Russell Crowe, Colin Farrell)
BENEATH the Ram's clean-cut appearance lies a hormonally-raging animal ready to take the sexual lead. He is known for being rough in bed, treating women like either princesses or playthings.
Sexy secret: Prefers the missionary position, as he likes to take the dominant role.
How to turn him on: Call him 'Master', and ooh and ahh at the sight of his equipment.
ARIES WOMAN - original Eve (Stars: Victoria Beckham, Keira Knightley, Mariah Carey)
NOTORIOUSLY cool customer, she sees herself as the 'Catch of the Century'.
Aries woman has strong physical needs for sex every day and craves instant gratification.
Sexy secret: Likes it on top and a little rough.
How to turn her on: Introduce a shock factor such as outdoor sex or nookie on the train - Aries woman would just love to be caught!

Taurus April 21 - May 21
TAURUS MAN - the idol (Stars Taureans: George Clooney, Bono, David Beckham)
HE wants to be wanted and is attracted to dominant females who'll treat him like a trophy. Strong and silent, he is the epitome of manhood, but always expects the woman to make the first move.
Sexy secret: Loves epic foreplay.
How to turn him on: Fit a mirror on the bedroom ceiling - watching you drives him wild.
TAURUS WOMAN - living doll (Sign stars: Renee Zellweger, Zara Phillips, Penelope Cruz)
FEMININE and beautiful, she longs for a man to play Ken to her ever-adoring Barbie. She is wild in the bedroom in order to satisfy her man, unashamedly lusty and instinctive.
Sexy secret: Nibbles, licks and kisses every inch of her lover.
How to turn her on: Work on your pecs, because she loves to be dominated by a beefcake.

Gemini May 22 - June 22
GEMINI MAN - smooth operator (Star Geminis: Johnny Depp, Prince William, Jonny Wilkinson)
MERCURIAL by nature, he works hard to make himself an exciting prospect. But sex must always be fun, so Mr Gemini thrives on experimentation - for some, even if it's sleazy - and detests routine.
Sexy secret: Good with his hands ... a real craftsman
How to turn him on: Dress up as a high-class callgirl and tell him your fantasies. You'll send him wild.
GEMINI WOMAN - Lolita (Stars: Angelina Jolie, Courteney Cox, Kylie Minogue)
ACUTELY aware of her feminine wiles, she takes no sexual prisoners. Often feigns naivety, but can't resist putting on a show in the bedroom. Some can easily lose themselves in sex and become dismissive of the man who is only there to provide the ride.
Sexy secret: Likes it on top where she can control pace and positioning.
How to turn her on: Offer to roleplay as her teacher.

Cancer June 23 - July 23
CANCER MAN - Prince Charming (Star Cancerians: Tobey Maguire, Johnny Vaughan, Tom Cruise)
FOR this romantic hero, sex is an act of worshipping the woman. Notoriously courteous in bed, some are almost cloying, and are aroused by a woman's dominance. A softie, he loves a cuddle and has a breast-fixation.
Sexy secret: A penchant for being tied up with his lover on top.
Turning him on: Brandish a whip and make him lick your shoes.
CANCER WOMAN - Cinderella (Stars: Courtney Love, Pamela Anderson, Liv Tyler)
A MAN'S woman who makes her lover feel like the big, strong protector because she sees him as her saviour. Has a voracious sexual appetite and is a willing recipient of almost anything that is being dished out!
Sexy secret: Cancer Girl is up for most things and loves experimentation.
How to turn her on: Ask her to roleplay as your secretary or nurse to your doctor.

Leo July 24 - August 23
LEO MAN - the golden boy (Star Leos: Matt Le Blanc, Antonio Banderas, Thierry Henry)
PASSIONATE and caring, he can only perform if his heart is really in it. He prefers raw, natural, unadorned sex with no frills and, with his belief in his own superiority, the traditional male dominance role.
Sexy secret: Enjoys a head-to-toe massage
How to turn him on: Lead him into the garden for sex under the stars or among the rhododendrons.
LEO WOMAN - the knockout (Stars: Madonna, Melanie Sykes, Halle Berry)
A FIERCELY energetic woman who, like the lioness, is a wildcat in the bedroom. She always battles with her lovers for dominance and plays cat and mouse with potential partners. Won't get out of bed until she's had two orgasms.
Sexy secret: Loves to put on a show.
How to turn her on: Boast about your incredible stamina and she'll try to match it.

Virgo August 24 - September 23
VIRGO MAN - the mentor (Star Virgoans: Hugh Grant, Colin Firth, Sean Connery)
A GENTLE giant, he is the ultimate caretaker in the bedroom with a startling empathy for women's needs. He has a Svengali-streak and sees women as either madonnas or whores. Likes routine and little fuss in the bedroom.
Sexy secret: Likes the woman to lead the way.
How to turn him on: Pretend he's the doctor and you're one of his patients.
VIRGO WOMAN - Mother Earth (Stars: Cameron Diaz, Rachel Hunter, Beyonce Knowles)
PLEASING a lover tops Virgo's erotic agenda and she treats men like lord and master. Simultaneously sacred territory and sexy bombshell, she is driven to nurture men. Sees sex in terms of mating and seeks partners with staying power.
Sexy secret: Enjoys submission so won't say no to the missionary position.
Turning her on: She has a hygiene fixation so suggest a shower together.

Libra September 24 - October 23
LIBRA MAN - the perfectionist (Star Librans: Sting, Simon Cowell, Viggo Mortensen)
HAS a high-minded, ethereal approach to sex. Witty and charming, he talks women into bed. Sex must be beautiful and he indulges in lavish foreplay, determined to gratify a woman early on. An expert lover.
Sexy secret: He hates rules, so likes to experiment with different, athletic positions.
Turning him on: Dress up as Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast At Tiffanys.
LIBRA WOMAN - the activist (Stars: Susan Sarandon, Catherine Zeta Jones. Kate Winslet)
UNCONVENTIONAL in relationships, some can favour casual sex and are wary of commitment. Fights against male adulation and traditional gender roles in bed, preferring the equality of giving and receiving pleasure.
Sexy secret: Loves positions that keep both partners happy.
How to turn her on: Arm-wrestle her into bed.

Scorpio October 24 - November 22
SCORPIO MAN - the stranger (Star Scorpios: Joaquin Phoenix, Wayne Rooney, Leonardo DiCaprio)
A SEVERE individual, he is insular but lavishes attention on his lover. Most Scorpios enjoy experimenting and some are even turned on by kinky sex.
Sexy secret: Likes to take total control and may get a kick from blind-folding his lover.
How to turn him on: Turn up wearing a mac - with nothing underneath, but a suspender belt.
SCORPIO WOMAN - femme fatale (Stars: Meg Ryan, Bjork, Julia Roberts)
INVENTED the term "hard to get" but skilfully works her way into her lover's psyche without lifting a finger. Highly-sexed and demanding, she sees herself as the ultimate prize. Woe betide he who doesn't meet expectations.
Sexy secret: Likes it fast and furious, anywhere but bed.
Turning her on: Buy her a sex toy she hasn't tried before.

Sagittarius November 23 - December 21
SAGITTARIUS MAN - the maverick (Star Sagittarians: Brad Pitt, Benjamin Bratt, Samuel L Jackson)
WILDLY romantic, he has an untamed energy and sees his lovers as playmates and has incredible luck with the ladies. Any sex is good - he wants to experience it with woman of every kind.
Sexy secret: Loves role reversal with the woman on top and in charge.
Turning him on: Swap underwear.
SAGITTARIUS WOMAN - the leader (Stars: Lucy Liu, Kim Basinger, Britney Spears)
A HIGH achiever, some are obsessed with the idea of choosing only successful, charismatic partners. In bed, her modus operandi is to 'empower' the man, turning him into putty in her hands.Generous and enthusiastic.
Sexy secret: Rope swings are her fantasy.
Turning her on: Get her to act out a scene from 9 1/2 Weeks.

Capricorn December 22 - January 20
CAPRICORN MAN - A real gent (Star Capricorns: Jude Law, Olivier Martinez, Orlando Bloom)
AN anachronism, he is deeply old-fashioned and is attracted to traditional, lady-wife types. Tries hard to repress his libido, but some will have fetishes, kinks and hang-ups.
Sexy secret: Prefers the missionary position - with his lover wearing a lace nightie.
How to turn him on: Offer to be spanked.
CAPRICORN WOMAN - a thinker (Stars: Dido, Annie Lennox, Helena Christensen)
NATURALLY cautious, she never rushes into relationships and seeks a spiritual connection first. Has a wild fantasy life and invents dream lovers. A fairly conservative sexual character, she won't be coerced into anything.
Sexy secret: Likes routine - with him on top.
How to turn her on: Borrow a sailor's uniform and act out her fantasies.

Aquarius January 21 - February 19
AQUARIUS MAN - an eccentric (Star Aquarians: Justin Timberlake, John Lydon, Robbie Williams)
He seems sorted and self-sufficient but some Aquarian men have a notoriously skewed, even kinky side in bed. Thinks no woman is out of his league and many are emotionally detached from sex. Some are even turned on by humiliating their mate.
Sexy secret: Has a penchant for cyber and phone sex.
How to turn him on: Be his sex slave.
AQUARIUS WOMAN - eternal optimist (Stars: Geena Davis, Denise Richards, Jennifer Aniston)
SHE loathes over-dependent lovers but, as the zodiac's cheerleader, is her partner's biggest fan. A low-maintenance mate, hates formality and routine. Spontaneity is her big arousal and sex is pure physical pleasure.
Sexy secret: A quickie at the bus stop will excite her.
Turning her on: Take her to an orgy - where she'll only want to watch.

Pisces February 20 - March 20
PISCES MAN - the drifter (Star Pisceans: Shane Richie, Rob Lowe, Bruce Willis)
BEHOLDEN to nobody, this dreamer is his own boss and is drawn to raw, grounded women who are his polar opposite. Super-relaxed about sex, nothing embarrasses him and some Piscean men have a prolific number of partners, many of them one-night stands.
Sexy secret: Dreams of joining the mile-high club on a plane.
How to turn him on: Rent a hard-core porn film with him.
PISCES WOMAN - Prima Donna (Stars: Sharon Stone, Patsy Kensit, Rachel Weisz)
A WALKING, talking paradox - all virtue and all vice wrapped in one, deceiving package. Insists on being treated like a princess in bed. Often finds sex dirty and can behave like a martyr. But secretly adores being adventurous.
Sexy secret: Loves spooning and being taken by surprise.
How to turn her on: Read to her aloud from an erotic novel.




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