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#1 2008-09-18 13:37:24

New Member

Best position for a delayed ejaculation problem ? Please help me !!!

I am recently married and I have a strange problem that is I cannot ejaculate while having sex with my wife. I have a small penis around 3.8 inch while erected and 1.5 inch when normal. My wife is not interested in any other position other than the basic men on top position. She will get climax at least 5 or 6 times in our continuous sex of around 40 minutes without stop and I will be sweating like hell from head to toe and still I will not be able to reach climax at all. Let me tell you clearly out of 10 times if we have sex I hardly reach climax only 1 or 2 max and I will be fully tired with my aching back and my wife will not be able to carry me for continuous non-stop sex for 40 min without gap, can you believe it, I swear. We both are really relaxed and no disturbance and no tension's at all but still I do not know why am I not able to reach climax. Dear frnd, you wont believe how much we both are getting frustrated with this problem, she is not happy and feeling guilty that I did not get orgasm and me neither. And you know what frnd I will reach orgasm when I masturbate alone or she masturbates me within in 5 min or 10 min at the max, I really do not understand this. We are planning to have children and I am really really worried about this problem. Also let me tell you that my wife is not at all interested in any other position other than the basic women at bottom and men on top position and she do not like oral sex , neither take my head nor allows her down. But remaining everything she cooperates me well and we do not have any feelings in between us. We foreplay a lot kiss and tease each other but still I will not get climax. I have done some research on the net and luckily got ur site and I am contacting you for help. Please help us to have a baby, basically what I want is what is the best position (angle) so that I can reach more pressure or effect on my penis also note that I only have 3.8 inch when fully erected hard penis. Please advise us what angle is best for having a baby and what should you advise me to practice to get climax earlier when having sex with my wife. I have also tried not to masturbate for 4 or 5 days and not even having sex for so long so that I can have more feelings on my penis but its still not working out. The main thing I want to know is what position is best for a 3.5 inch penis to get more effect on a woman's body without much of hard work, you know what I mean...Just imagine doing continuous push-ups on my wife without a break for 35-40 minutes without a break that too kissing her teasing her boobs etc., without no result. We both are very frustrated and feeling very bad ...please help us. I appreciate your help.



#2 2009-04-22 09:56:24

New Member

Re: Best position for a delayed ejaculation problem ? Please help me !!!


Doggy Style can help both of you reach climax , you can hit the G-Spot all the way you thrust slow and fast , slow and fast .... Do the thing as she is the last girl in the world.. the last thing in the world..



#3 2009-12-26 17:22:36


Re: Best position for a delayed ejaculation problem ? Please help me !!!

you can certainly try positions that you have more control in terms of pace and effort; positions such as doggy and missionary would give you more controls than, say, cowgirl... If you know what 'works' for you, don't be shy in using it.
It could be also psychological; be sure that you clear your head going into it and try to think nothing but enjoying your physical senses; and certainly, having sexual fantasies help from time to time :)
lastly, there are creams or lotions that can heighten your physical senses



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